SESSION THREE – The EGD sector by sector: pass, fail or ‘could do better’?

The conference will include afternoon breakout sessions where we evaluate the European Green Deal in particular policy areas.


Two sessions, each with four parallel breakouts on the following themes (scheduling to be fixed based on initial registration preferences)

First Session 

Circularity: cutting Europe’s resource footprint – Plenary

  • Moderator: Carsten Wachholz, Senior Policy Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Presenter:  Stephane Arditi, Director of Policy Integration and Circular Economy, EEB
  • Panellists: Meadhbh Bolger, Friends of the Earth Europe, Bente Bauer, Policy Hub, & Assia Oulkadi, European Youth Forum
  • Rapporteur: Justin Wilkes, Executive Director, ECOS

Nature: reversing the sixth mass extinction – Gamay meeting room

  • Moderator:  Faustine Defossez, External Impact Director, Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)
  • Presenters: Sergiy Moroz, Policy Manager for Water and Biodiversity, EEB
    Celia Nyssens, Senior Policy Officer for Agriculture and Food Systems, EEB
    &  Tobias Troll, Marine Policy Director, Seas At Risk
  • Rapporteur: Martin Harper, Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia, BirdLife

Economy: from fiscal reform to systemic change – Syrah meeting room

  • Moderator: Anelia Stefanova, Energy Transformation Area Leader, CEE Bankwatch Network
  • Presenter: Katharina Wiese, Policy Officer for Economic Transition and Gender Equality, EEB
  • Rapporteur: Ester AsinDirector, WWF EPO 

Chemicals: towards a non-toxic environment – Merlot meeting room

  • Moderator: Mikael Karlsson, former EEB President, Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor, Uppsala University
  • Presenters: Tatiana Santos, Policy Manager for Chemicals and Nanotechnology, EEB
    & Elena Lymberidi-Settimo, Policy Manager for ‘Zero Mercury’ Campaign, EEB
  • Rapporteur: Stefan Scheuer, Chief EU Policy Advocate, CHEM Trust, Environmental NGO representative on the ECHA Management Board, and EEB Board Member

Second Session 

Climate: staying below 1.5°C – Plenary

  • Moderator: Pieter de Pous, Senior Policy Advisor, E3G 
  • Presenters: Davide Sabbadin, Senior Policy Officer for Climate and Circular Economy, EEB & William Todts, Executive Director, T&E
  • Rapporteur: Brigitta Bozsó, Climate policy coordinator, CAN Europe

Governance: delivering sustainability with democratic accountability – Gamay meeting room

  • Moderator: Jerzy Jendroska, Managing Partner at Jendrośka Jerzmański Bar and Partners, Professor at the University of Opole and Riga Graduate School of Law
  • Presenter: Francesca Carlsson, Senior Legal Officer and Lead on Trade and Due Diligence, EEB
  • Rapporteur: Anaïs Berthier, Senior Lawyer and Head of EU Affairs, ClientEarth, and EEB Board Member

Beyond EU: supporting green ambition in the wider world – Syrah meeting room

  • Moderator: Toni Vidan, EEB Vice-President and independent sustainable energy and regional cooperation advisor, and EEB Board Member
  • Presenter: Patrizia Heidegger, Director of Global Policies and Sustainability, EEB
  • Rapporteur: Sascha Gabizon, Executive Director, Women Engage for a common future (WECF) international

Pollution: making zero pollution a reality – Merlot meeting room

  • Moderator: Jouni Nissinenformer EEB President, Senior Specialist at Ministry of the Environment of Finland 
  • Presenters: Christian Schaible, Policy Manager for Industrial Production, EEB & Margherita Tolotto, Senior Policy Officer for Air and Noise, EEB
  • Rapporteur: Vlatka MatkovicSenior Health and Energy Policy Officer, Health & Environment Alliance (HEAL)