About the conference 2022

When it was unveiled in late 2019, the European Green Deal, the Von der Leyen Commission’s flagship policy, promised to deliver ‘a set of deeply transformative policies’. As we approach the mid-point of the EU’s five-year cycle and start to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is timely to reflect upon the progress made in delivering on that promise. The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss where the Green Deal has been a game-changer for the better, where results have been mixed and where it has simply disappointed. It will also reflect upon the implications of the terrible war in the Ukraine, which has provided compelling reasons for accelerating the green transition and at the same time has been used by some as an excuse to undermine it. Europe’s role in the wider world will also be discussed.

Looking forward, the discussion will shift to how to mobilise a whole-of-society transition to living within planetary boundaries and what has to be done to ensure the Green Deal is the credible transformative agenda that is so urgently needed.

The conference will bring together a broad swathe of environmental organisations, politicians, policymakers and representatives from EU, regional and international institutions as well as international civil society actors working on the transformation of the European Union.




The organiser gratefully acknowledges the financial support from the LIFE Programme of the European Union.


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